The High Cost of being Too Complacent to be Healthy

“The high cost of being too complacent to be healthy”

When discussing the benefits of a plant-based diet or eating organic foods, the initial response is that it is too expensive to eat healthy.  Really?

Consuming fresh organic fruits and vegetables offers nutrient dense, wholesome foods the body can use to fortify every cell in the body.  Consuming less expensive foods leads to disease, disorders, syndromes and immune disfunction.  By limiting your source of natural antioxidants and foods proven to combat ill health, you are only delaying an inevitable, very high, costly medical expense.

Here is an example.  Eating out on Friday night at the local steak house can cost $60 to $80 depending upon your food selection.  What most people do not realize is what unknown ingredients they are consuming.  The steak contains growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, synthetic components found in bovine food, contaminants in the food processing and is most likely marinated in a high-sodium, artificially flavored solution to soften the meat.  When it is finally served to you, it is extraordinarily high in cholesterol, fat, sodium and is very difficult for the body to digest.  Add to that the contaminated sides and beverages you ingest, and you just paid a very, very, very high price to develop disastrous health conditions and reduce your life expectancy.

The average cost of treating a heart attack is enormous!  Ambulance service, emergency room visit, surgery, a life long regimen of prescription medications and, depending upon the severity, you may not be able to return to work and keep your health insurance!  That sounds a little expensive for someone who cannot afford organic food.  Heart disease is rarely inherited.  Eating habits are inherited.

The high cost for one meal at the steak house may be your idea of entertainment once a week. When you add it up, even at $60 each Friday night, it equates to $3,120 a year for a night out eating health destroying, synthetic, high-priced junk food.

If your cell phone bill went up by $3,000 a year, would you be outraged or entertained?  All around the USA, the divide between people paying a premium to make themselves sick and the people working hard to stay healthy is becoming ever greater.  Five years ago, it was very difficult to locate organic options in many towns and cities.  Today, organic options are available in almost every grocery and convenience store.  Chick-Fil-A offers a Certified Organic Apple Juice Box with its kid’s meal.  Convenience stores offer organic granola bars, organic cold bottled teas and juices, etc.  What is stopping you from coming aboard the healthy train?

Please.  Allow me to rephrase the question.  What in your mind disallows you to accept that standard American food in the supermarket is highly carcinogenic, creates disease in everyone ingesting it, is extremely expensive for irradiated, no or low nutrient content food and is despised, or even banned by other countries around the world?

Study after study reveals that eating fast food and synthetic grocery store items marketed as food are contaminated.  There is a valid reason for opting to purchase organic foods and diminishing consumption of synthetic, man made foodstuffs.  It is your health.  Your body is the most precious, most expensive asset you will ever own.

The human body will never ask you for food, only nutrients to operate.

When consuming large quantities of fast food, you find yourself hungry within a short period of time.  It is your body asking for nutrients to perform all the operations required to digest the amount of junk you consumed.  By eating an organic, cleaner diet, you add years to your life and drastically reduce the risks of disease.  Imagine a world of less diabetes, heart disease, cancer, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, thyroid issues, migraines, depression, kidney disease, arthritis, joint pain, memory loss and early death.  This is the USA.  You have the choice to decide what is right for you.  Choose wisely.  You research your cell phone plan, insurance premiums, new or used car prices, so why not research the food that equates to disease?  The choice is ultimately yours and yours alone.  What will you do?  Think about it.

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