Excellent Information

Everytime I meet with DK she provides such a wealth of knowledge to help me understand what I can do to improve my own wellness.
- Nathan

Fast Food

I was sick, meds didn't work, I was getting worse. Doc G told me the truth. The fast food, high caffeine habit was taking a toll. Did the clean up diet arranged with stuff I liked to eat, got my life back. Sick of being sick? This is your first step.
- Cole

A Healthy Me

My diet was in a crazy rut. Diet soda, pizza, cocktails, fries. Migraines were miserable. Dr. DK explained that I was basically starving to deat. Starting eating fruits, vegetables, drinking water, no processed foods and I am a healthy me again. Thanks Dr. DK.
- Sarah

No Surgery for Me

Was told I have aggresive prostate cancer. changed eating habits. went back for 2nd test, passed PSA with flying colors. Don't want surgery, willing to do something different, see Doc G!
- Maury

Pregnant Now!

Spent $60K on fertility treatments. No baby. Waited 4 yrs. Saw Dr. Guyer. Hubby & I changed diets. Removed soy. Pregnant now! 3 visits. $450 total. No products to buy. Dr. Guyer is the best!!!!
- Kelli

Sick of being sick

In so much pain, couldn't work, exercise, concentrate. Eating microwaved frozen dinners almost killed me. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, water, apple cider vinegar. New man in 3 weeks. Want to feel better? get an appointment today!
- Dak

In a Rut

Ate the same foods at the same places daily. Dr DK explained how it was creating a nutrient deficiency. Changed up my food. Starting feeling better, much better, in one week. Feeling bad? Make an appointment today!
- Lydia

Best Appointment Ever!

Within the first 5 minutes of my consultation, Dr. Guyer knew exactly why I was feeling so bad. Bacteria from cat feces. Went to my medical doctor, requested the test. Came back positive! Antibiotics, water and I am feeling better. Thank you, Dr. Guyer!!
- Cameron
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