Better Health Naturally

Dr. DK Guyer is a natural health expert and holds  a dual Doctorate in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition and has helped many people develop and maintain superb
health.  Dr. DK is a Reiki Master/Teacher and successful business owner who lives in Central Pennsylvania.

Lyme Disease – The Truth You Need to Know

LYME DISEASE – The truth you need to know Lyme disease is NOT a death sentence or lifelong illness if addressed properly. People suffer from Lyme disease symptoms because they take back to back antibiotics for months or years and essentially destroy their body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Antibiotics were not designed for consistent use. They destroy

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Good Fats to be Healthy

“Do I need to eat fats to be healthy?” With all the controversy about what fats are good for you, here is an easy way to settle the argument. You do need to eat certain types of healthy fat for your body to perform certain functions.  Your body does not create fat on its own.

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Reversing High Cholesterol Naturally

“Reversing High Cholesterol Naturally” Lowering your cholesterol naturally can be done. Dr. DK Guyer has great news for you!  Cholesterol is a unique and misunderstood story. Did you know the body manufactures its own cholesterol?  There is an easy way to naturally lower your cholesterol if you are willing to change your eating habits. Healthy

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The High Cost of being Too Complacent to be Healthy

“The high cost of being too complacent to be healthy” When discussing the benefits of a plant-based diet or eating organic foods, the initial response is that it is too expensive to eat healthy.  Really? Consuming fresh organic fruits and vegetables offers nutrient dense, wholesome foods the body can use to fortify every cell in

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